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Samples prepared for Tommy's MREINZ

Tommy's recently celebrated their 13th year in business. From the very start, they set themselves apart from the competition and their popular fortnightly property catalogue is a case in point. An enoyable read well worth re-using.

Recycled card holders made from Tommy's property catalogue by
Card holders made from a single page. Each folded a bit different to show case the images and text at their best.
Options for re-using brochures and catalogues by From the pages of dated catalogues to thoughtful memento for vendors and buyers as a family home keepsake.
More options for re-using catalogues by
Receiving a bill in the mail is a downer. Mail that contains chocolate and Bill, is a welcome a difference
& tasty treat.

Options for Real Estate Agents to re-use property catalogues..,,,,. Re-using property ads to create memento gifts for vendors and buyers by
Giftboxes and magnet sets are custom cut to ensure the nicest layout possible with a variety of box sizes and styles to choose from. There's also the option to use local handmade chocolates with a personalised mould
to brand them.

Recycling option for A4 property catalogues .. ,,,,,,,.. Card/chocolate holder made from A4 sheet by
Little ways to say thank you for referrals or give out business cards.
Doubles as a way to promote available properties that's sure to be noticed and appreciated.

Samples prepared for Harcourts:

Andrew Duncan has been busy. His signs have been installed all around the Northern suburbs in Wellington and below is an example of what's possible from just the one humble real estate sign after the sale has been made.

Recycled coreflute notebook made from a Harcourts sign to create a souvenir of the sale for the vendor.
Recycled coreflute notebook from a Harcourts sign made by
Coreflute notebooks make for thoughtful and creative gifts for both the vendor and the buyer. A little gift card made from catalogue pages tops off the gesture for agents to set themselves apart as agents worthy of their commission.
The personalised touch without having to pay for any costly branding or time consuming signing off of artwork designs. Can work around rivet holes and staples to get the nicest result and a delightful thank you gift for a sale gone well.
Harcourts sign recycled into notebooks by   Bird feeders made out of a Harcourts real estate sign.
On the inside, the storage pocket was made from a Harcourts catalogue with Andrew's contact details. Albeit upside down, customers can know the money their spend on advertising will be maximised and not wasted.
From the same coreflute sign also came two little bird feeders and Andrew's contact details and image in a format sure to amuse the kids and hopefully the birds too. A thank you gift that creates happy customers all round.

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