Recycling with benefits
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Orders from Clemenger BBDO are exciting - their campaigns are beautifully designed and well thought out.
On this occasion, the excitement soon departed when the banner to fulfill their laptop bag order was revealed...

Used billboard ready for a good wash.
No pressure or anything but a campaign title like this calls for something a bit special and the artwork
wasn't giving any clues. Zip, zero, zilch. It was going to take some creativity. And then some!

Recycled laptop bag made for Clemenger

As it turned out, all that was needed was some thought outside of the square.
And that's how the decision was made to make it a zero waste project with applique that doubled as a way to liven
things up and utilise the offcuts. The butterfly antennae were made from stripping down a faulty mouse cable.
There's handy stuff in those cables for anyone who cares to look...

Recycled billboard laptop bag made for Clemenger BBDO.
Often we get asked to only use the nicest aspects of the artwork which results in an average of 5-6 bags per
billboard campaign. On this project we cut right to the very edge of the artwork to include even the printers
colour test run to squeeze out 13 bags. Then the smaller offcuts were put to use to create matching wrist purses.

View inside the laptop bags.
The applique was worked right throughout the inside of the bag - no skimping going on here.

Inside view of inner pockets.
The inner panels and pockets were cut from billboard to provide a durable and easy to clean surface. Plus, it helped to use up more of the billboard. Padding was added to the back and base for laptop protection and comfort when cycling.

More laptop bags and purses.
...and so as not to scare off the fella's, several were spared the butterfly effect and the wrist purse
straps were made from bicycle inner tubes.

The billboard that keeps on giving!
It's the billboard that just keeps on giving...more bags and wrist purses!

Offcuts from the billboard after the bags and before the purses.
So, this is what was left after cutting out the bags and before the purses.
The trigger happy installer's staples were removed and added to our scrap metal pile for recycling too!

Close up of wrist purses.
After several more purses, the off cut pile got even smaller.

Off cuts after the purses.
The peices left now were too small to make anymore purses.

Offcuts left after the purses.
The remaining pieces were bagged up and delivered to a larger recycling operator as cleaned No. 3 plastic.
Although...word on the street has it that numbers 3-7 get shipped to China as a supermix that can be
burnt for fuel. :-#

May that info and this example help to encourage others to consider re-using more of their billboards and
not just the best aspects.

Thank you gift to Clemenger BBDO contacts.
So yeah, hat's off to Clemenger BBDO for commissioning their campaign be re-used in this way.

They also ordered recycled billboard artbags made from various other Clemenger campaigns to proudly carry and
deliver their client presentations in. That be one of the reasons they are indeed the best and brightest to work with.

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