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Being energy smart is what EECA are all about so when their outdoor campaigns were finished they opted to re-use them.
By maximising on all the time and energy that goes into producing them, they were able to have branded stationery with a her-story.
An EECA campaign poster doing it's job:
The recycled EECA posters still doing their job:
EECA's energy star campaign doing a great job as an Adshel on Queen St, Auckland.
The eye catching artwork by Ogilvy New Zealand.
Recycled notebooks made from EECA's Adshel posters.
A few of the A5 notebooks made from the posters.
Close up of recycled notebooks made from EECA campaign posters.....Inside view of EECA's recycled poster notebooks.
A close up view and look inside the poster notebooks; complete with side storage pockets and elastic closure.
Another example of the EECA Energy Star outdoor campaign that was recycled into stationery.
What's the difference between a 1 and a 3.5 Energy Star fridge rating? A 150 yummo free range eggs or $90 in savings each year.
EECA Energy Star poster campaign recycled into stationery.
From many a local bus stop to desks all around Wellington, the campaign message lives on as conversation starting stationery.
Close up view of the recycled poster notebooks...............Close up of storage pockets built into the origami design.
Made using a nifty origami fold to avoid the need for any glue, the design also provides for handy storage pockets at the sides and top.

Close up of back page and re-useable wire binding.
Filled with 100 leaves of recycled paper and wire binding that can easily be opened to add new pages when needed,
these recycled poster notebooks are the real deal. They are 100% recyclable and orders provide valued
employment for New Zealanders right down to even the elastic, which is also proudly NZ made in Levin.
Back page and last word in thanks to EECA for their order.
For that, this is an appropriate last image to say thank you to EECA and their media agency, Ogilvy New Zealand for their
fab frangipani scent of a decision to re-use their Adshel posters.

They were also wonderfully responsible to round up and recycle all of their Bear Grills posters into larger A4 notebooks.
EECA recycled Adshel poster notebooks featuring their Bear Grills lightbulb campaign
And to thank them for their repeat business, the off cuts were used to make some complimentary origami phone holders:
EECA phone holders made from the Adshel poster off cuts
To learn energy saving tips or view job vacancies in their wonderfully heated offices, click here to visit EECA online.

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