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The Green Party~good people, gorgeous campaigns and they recycle their election billboards...we like!

Green Party election signs recycled into A5 notebooks...More Green Party coreflute notebooks...More recycled coreflute notebooks.
In fact, it's more like love. During the recession of 2008, they kept us afloat with much valued orders.
Above are a few of the collection that sold as Party fundraisers via their online shop.

Green Party coreflute notebooks
These are a few of the 2011 election souvenirs with surplus campaign leaflets used to create a handy little storage pocket.

Inside the recycled coreflute notebooks for the vintage range.
For the vintage range, old membership flyers with history on the Green Party were used to create the pocket and
complement the era of the artwork. From two MP's after the 1996 election to six, then nine and then fourteen,
the brochure is nice memento as well as a handy card holder. Roll on the 2017 election for hopefully even more.

Recycled tablecloth made from Green Party election banners.
When they ran out of coreflute signs to recycle, they rounded up their election billboards and commissioned us to make
them into lots of tablecloths. It's love all right. Without their ongoing support we'd have gone under for sure.

Giftbags made up with souvenirs from the 2011 election. ......................Chocolate sleeves made from expired election flyers.
Their orders helped to keep us afloat during the recession so we returned the love and made them some smaller election
souvenirs to use as little thank you gifts. During the election, their office was full of volunteers coming and going
from dawn to dusk~it was impressive stuff.

Origami business card holders made from expired election flyers.
There were also lots of origami card holders made up for hard working candidates like James Shaw.
It is with thanks to James that we got our first Green Party order!

Recycled laptop bag made from Green Party election banner.
At the time, their Garrett Street office was manned by the helpful Dave Butler-Peck so when he left, a farewell gift of
a Green Party billboard laptop bag was the least we could do.

Coreflute bird feeder for Michael Pringle.
...and how could we resist thanking the lovely Michael Pringle, with his own little name sake bird feeder for all his kind help too.

To view their online shop, find out about volunteering or job vacancies, click here.

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