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If you're used to online shopping, then brace yourself ~ our shop is pretty basic.
It's also more basic than pretty ~ it operates on a first to email basis.

Current range of recycled gifts:
* Inner tube dogs, wallets, purses and vases   * Personalised notebooks themed to suit
* Bus stop poster stationery   * Vintage map art
* Billboard purses   * Flag bags, hats and brooches
* Magnet art   * Coreflute birds

Inner tube dogs, wallets, purses and vases:

Two of life's joys combined, dogs and bikes:
Recycled inner tube dogs from moutain bikes to roadie racers.
Inner tube dogs made from moutain bike fats to the skinniest of roadie racer tubes... there's a dog size to match every bike.

Up close view of recycled inner tube dogs.
Nothing to sniff here....these little cuties have been washed and groomed. All they need is someone to play with.

Recycled inner tube dogs of all varieties.
Dogs will be dogs so there are a few that come with 'tennis' balls and a few that have one leg in the air. The larger ones
can be used to hold pens and the smallest ones are so cute they don't have to do anything extra to earn their keep.

Having two or three or four doing a conga dance of sorts would look even cuter but we would say that ;-)

Dog price list:
Mountain bike dogs $20
Aprox. 20cm x15cm

Commuter dogs $20
Aprox. 12cmx10cm

Roadie racer dogs $25
They cost more as they take longer to make with being so small. Possibly like roadie riders themselves,
they are also the firmest to squeeze if using as a fun stress reliever...? ~:-#
Aprox. 7cmx5cm

Every dog is made of 286 loops that have been linked together with the final join in the belly button area. If the dog is a gift
for a young child, let us know so that we can make a stitch in the last join for added safety. They are robust enough
to squish and squash, play with in the bath or take apart to learn how to make your own.

Recycled inner tube wallets, card holders and keyrings:
Recycled inner tube wallets made by in Wellington, NZ.

Front view of inner tube wallets, keyring and two card holders. Each is different so let us know what
features you like best and we'll make one up for you as these ones have all since sold.
Click on the images to enlarge for a better look-see.

Recycled inner tube wallets made by in Wellington, NZ.
The rear view of the same items, in the same order. The wallet outer is from a truck
tube, the card holders are from a motorbike tube and the key ring is 100% bicycle.

Inside the recylced inner tube wallets made by in Wellington, NZ.
The inside view of the wallets with the layers made from bicycle tubes.
Click on the image to enlarge and see below for how they look with cards and notes in them.

Inside view of recycled inner tube wallet made by in Wellington, NZ.

Inner tube wallet price list:
Wallets $35
Card Holders $20
Keyrings $15
Wallets measure 16x11cm when opened flat to fit $20 notes
Happy to alter the sizing for smaller versions or make larger for $50-$100 note carriers.

They are strong, durable and get shinier and smoother with use. An ideal gift for the full spectrum of road users;
from V8 piston firing petrol heads to bell ringing, basket carrying cyclists like ourselves. All good for vegans too.
Some have a woven 'Made in New Zealand' label and some don't because we forgot to sew them in. D'oh.

Recycled inner tube wrist purses:

Recycled inner tube wrist purse
They come with a handy wrist stap and quality YKK heavy duty zip - can click on image to view close up.

Rear view of inner tube wrist purse to show curvature of tube.
This is the rear view to show how the curvature of the tube allows room for keys, a phone, cards, moolah and some lippy.

A range of inner tube wrist purses as all a bit different depending on the type of tube used.
As all the tubes are different, the sizes can vary so let us know if you'd like a kitchen sink carrier or a sleek minimalist accessory.
Note how the top right hand ones have the strap and zip function switched to accommodate the left-handed amongst us.

Say goodbye to using animal skins and noisy velcro openings and hello to a more individual and eco-friendly you... order here >>>

Recycled inner tube vases:

Recycled inner tube flower vase smaller recycled inner tube flower vases
Click on the each of the images to view a close-up of the two different sizes.
The taller ones contain a heavy glass tumbler inside and the smaller ones have a glass or plastic vessel to contain the water.
The $15 larger ones measure approx, 20cm tall and the $6 smaller ones measure approx. 10cm tall.

Recycled inner tube flower vase
Or this $5 design uses the rubber to contain the water.

P.S. The bicycle inner tubes were kindly provided by Francis at J'ville Cycles and Dave at Mud Cycles of Karori. Thank you!
We're currently trying to source motorcycle tubes so please drop us a line if you know of any being thrown out.

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Personalised notebooks themed to suit:
Below are a sample of r
ecycled notebooks individually themed to the lucky recipient.

We make them from unwanted books that have been damaged, yet still have some re-useable pages.

Thomas the Tank Engine learns Te Reo Maori - a recycled notebook made from a damaged book with Te Reo added
You tell us what would make your gift recipient feel special and we'll go tinker till you call out Bingo!

Kia Ora Thomas - a damaged book cut down and made new again as a notebook with Te Reo Maori added
Can include little picture storage pockets so you can pop in a note or business card.

More recycled notebooks in the Te Reo Maori range
A few more in the Te Reo Maori range ~ other language requests welcome too ;-)

author is recognised

The books we use are either outdated maps, old school journals or in some way damaged, yet still with salvagable pages.
Wherever possible, the author is given recognition and the covers are made from a couple of pages each to provide
for an interesting snippet to promote the whole book.

Notebooks to match magnets and giftbags   Man friendly stationery
A love of dogs is required to appreciate the humour of these notebooks ~:- #

Man-friendly stationery   Giftbags that can be taken apart to learn how to make your own.
A bit naughty yet ha ha funny ;-) Plus, its a sneaky way to insert a love of reading into the hands of the book averse.

Recycled notebooks with a soccer theme
Themed notebooks make for ideal team gifts as each one is different, yet all of the same value.

Inside view of the soccer themed notebooksInside view of the soccer themed notebooks
All the cut out pictures double as pockets and secret hiding places.

We also have lots of pages awaiting re-use from Star Wars annuals plus rugby, astronomy, history, science and map books in case
that's of any interest. If using for a workplace conference - can also brand the blank pages with your own conference name/logo.

Recycled notebook made from an outdated rugby manual Recycled notebook made from outdated encylopedia on technology

Recycled notebook made from an outdated rugby manual Recycled notebook made from an outdated encyclopedia on technology

Matching business card holders or name place settings available too ;-)
Recycled notebooks and card holders made from outdated maps

Recycled notebooks made from damaged children's books
Have a go at handwriting and illustrating your own little story and then gift away ~ ideal for grandparents.

Recycled notebook made from gardening books
The notebooks come in A5 and A6 with 60 pages of recycled paper. Prices range from $6-$10 depending on size and no. of pockets.
Matching origami card holders are $2

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Bus stop poster stationery

Recycled bus stop poster notebookv .......... A recycled bus stop poster notebook
Choose your beauty from the following range of A5 recycled Adshel poster notebooks:

Inside view of recycled poster notebook Back page view
The covers are made using a nifty origami fold that provides for storage pockets at the front and back, plus a secret ninja one at the top.

Recycled poster notebook made out of an image of a NZ passport Inside view of the passport notebook
These ones are from an image of a NZ Passport. Settle the score with Customs by inserting a far more flattering photo ~:-#

Recycled poster notebook made from a Cadbury bubbly chocolate campaign  
Here's a dark bub...bly option to celebrate being brown and luscious.

Coincidentally, the type of print finish used for this campaign is
exceptionally smooth and nice to touch too... ;-D

Inside view of the recycled poster notebook made from a Cadbury bubbly chocolate campaign

For the artist in your life, how about these One Day Sculpture .Creative New Zealand notebooks:
Recycled poster notebooks made from a Creative New Zealand campaign   Inside view of the recycled Creative NZ capaign poster notebooks

Inside view of recycled poster notebook using a Creative NZ campaign   Back page view
Inside view

More options in the recycled poster notebook options   Another option in the recycled poster notebook option
Back cover view

Here's one for the builder dude and doodler in your life:

These posters were from a military recruitment campaign on making the switch from operating drills, to similar looking, yet more exciting machine guns!?
Their sales pitch was given a wide berth. Drill on, we say... riz-zzz-zzip sounds build houses and many a therapist knows the result of rat-a-tat-tat, splat, splat...

  Man friendly stationery
Man friendly notebooks  

Anti-fizzy drink campaigners might want to look away. In case it makes any difference, the only sugar they contain
is employment and the posters were from a campaign supporting the London Olympics. Proof of this is on the back cover.
Recycled poster notebooks from a Campaign by Coca Cola in support of the Olympics   Inside view of the recycled Coca-Cola poster notebook
As a side note, in August 2016, Coca Cola's CEO, Muhtar Kent openly admitted to the company's failings over
water stewardship and shares what has been learnt from their wake-up call in a refreshingly honest read >>>

Origami poster wallets
And finally, as a teaser for Phoenix Football supporters, we also have loads of their posters too.
They look great and we can't wait to feature them - awaiting the ref's call whilst permission is sought.

The plasticized poster paper is a bit too thick for the origami wallets to stay shut but if
you'd still like one, we've got plenty going free with all orders until they run out.

A5 recycled poster notebooks are $25 each

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Vintage maps
Long since loved or used and smelling a bit dated, maps from the 1950's are best admired from behind glass. GPS is all well and handy
but vintage maps are not merely maps ~ they are works of art. The care and detailing that went into the cartography is stunningly beautiful.

A vintage 1950's map featuring New Zealand's place in the Pacific   A vintage 1950's map featuring the Indian Ocean.
A map featuring NZ's little pozzie in the Pacific.   Can click on this image to view all the detailing.

A vintage 1950's map featuring New Zealand's geology
Some need to be sold as pairs as they share the same reference tables like these two featuring NZ's geology.

A 1950's vintage map of Antarctica with ice margins that no longer exist.
This 1950's map of Antarctica displays ice margins that no longer exist today ~:- #

A 1950's vintage map featuring the pre-European vegetation of the South Island   A 1950's vintage map featuring the South Island's soil types.
Featuring pre-European vegetation, it's another example of things that no longer exist today ~:-#   This colourful beauty displays the various soil types ~full of info ignored at our peril.

A 1950's map of New Zealand's geology   A 1950's map that places Wellington at the centre of the world!
The mid-pink areas denote remants of volcanoes! This map is super interesting and way more colourful than its North Island counterpart.   This map places Wellington at the centre of the world! Without a doubt, it was created by government cartographers aiming to please.

A beautiful 1950's map of the Asia Pacific region   A 1950's map of Antartica
The rare curvature of this map is a treat. The change in colour at the top is just light reflecting off the glass - it's all the same beautiful shade of teal blue.   Fancy that - the South Island is on top. Also interesting to see that Australia scored the lion share of Antarctica and NZ, the more watery slice of the cake... d'oh!

We were on the hunt for unwanted window frames and sashes to use as frames when a call came in that there was a
shipment of brand new picture frames rejected for retail sale due to manufacturing defaults. The faults were as
minor as finger prints on the glass! Although understandably annoying as they had also been sealed in plastic.
For cleaning them and not wanting the plastic seal, the frames were salvaged and obtained for a great price.

All of the maps above are $20 and they have all the hooks and adjusters on the back you could ever want for.
Packaged in their orginal box with bubble wrap, they are ready to go.
Plenty of other countries and cities on offer - welcome to request other options.

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Billboard purses
Recycled billboard purse made from Green Party election banner and silicon bracelets
Made from Green Party election banners and silicon bracelets, these purses contain even
more fun election souvenirs on the inside. Can click on image to view close-up.

$25 each

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Flag bags, hats and brooches
Coming soon... we recently got our mitts on a huge pile of ex-street flags from a variety of colourful campaigns.

Magnet Art

Magnets made from the last pages of a well used and munted Dr Seuss book
The Sneetches by Dr Seuss is such a well-loved story that we were given a book had been loved to bits, till it fell to bits.
In-between the scribbles and rips, were some salvagable bits.
Uses for a dated garfield book
Fun magnets from a Garfield book missing it's cover but still OK inside- might help to encourage reluctant readers to have a go?
Or amuse yourself and fellow citizens by gifting them to random public places... cat lovers unite~Gareth's eyeing up Parliament.

Giftbags made from damaged Garfiield book
Better yet, gift him a selection in a matching giftbag...or best of all, someone who'll appreciate it ;-)

Gifts from loved to bits books too damaged to be wanted as a book.   Close up of little gifts made from salvageable bit of books that have fallen apart.

If used to have some fun, the fun can be transferred to reading the stories and thinking up new ones with every visit to the fridge.

Have a go making your own or commission some magnets as a personalised gift.
Magnets are $1, Giftbags are $3, Giftbags with customised text $4

Man-friendly magnets  
There are also man-friendly options:

man friendly magnets

Within reason that is... we can't entertain all of their interests.
We can however see them right for Valentine's Day with these little gifts: Man friendly stationery
Themed card holders are $2 or$5 with a chocolate and personalised text.
Extend some love this V Day and commission a whole set for everyone in the office.
You can choose the theme and tone of text to make everyone feel special.

Little magnet gifts from dated brochures
There are also lots of corporate options available and much larger magnet artworks if interested in seeing more >>>

Coreflute birds
Recycled coreflute tui birds with stilt legs for amusement in the garden.
Made from real estate and election coreflute signs to entertain - either in your own garden or out in public to amuse the masses.
Like election signs, they will get pinched but also like 'missing' hoardings... they will still be out there entertaining someone, somewhere.

A pair of tui coreflute birds, strategically cut to contain and hide their rust-proof metal legs is $15

See how it's done and then have a go for yourself ;-)

If you have found something you'd like to order or have made please email >>>
Our account is Kiwibank 38 9003 0743732 02 and we are GST exempt.
Thank you

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