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Magnet art~the joy of being invited to play and create art your way...

Magnet art made from Adshel poster offcuts.
This sample was made for Adshel's Wellington office as a mixed collage of their clients.
When ever possible, we salvage the magnets from expired mail outs of promotional items.
The frames are made from sheet metal off cuts so the artworks will vary in size depending on what's available.

Close up view of magnet art made for Adshel.

This artwork is from off cuts of Wellington based poster campaigns that had been kindly commissioned into stationery.
An initiative made possible with the assistance of Adshel's Team Wellington duo, Ron and Phil.

Magnet art from a Vegemite campaign using only the poster off cuts after making stationery from the posters.
Marmite fans look away. This one got made for Adshel's HQ in Australia.

The Vegemite campaign posters that notebooks and the magnet art was made from.
Here's the Vegemite's campaign posters it was made from. The notebooks are die cut out of the posters and
much like a cookie cutter you get left with an outline that results in a pile of off cuts.
Off cuts that were calling out to be re-used too.

Magnet art created from a World of Wearable Art campaign poster.
This one was made from a World of Wearable Art campaign poster that had been re-arranged so half was as per the campaign
and the rest was the garment all mixed up and waiting to be re-created.

Magnet Art made from poster offcuts for sale.
This one was titled 'Weather'. It's made up of several campaign poster off cuts using only block colours in various shades.
The inspiration came from listening to a Dharma talk whereby a woman spoke of a time after her divorce when she felt
really low and removed from all that was familiar. She was holding it together but on seeing her teacher and mentor,
she burst into tears. He said nothing and just put his hand on hers. She continued to cry and he sat with her.
After a while he leant over and whispered "Weather". It was just weather and it would pass.

Magnet art titled 'Weather' up close.
The text 'you' was added to reflect on the habit of seeing the grass as being greener elsewhere.

Measured 1200mmx500mmx50mm with 415 magnets plus 20 spares.
The talk that inspired the artwork is titled 'The five things that lead to awakening' .

Another close up of the magnet art titled 'Weather'.

Light reflecting on magnet art titled 'Weather'.
The light reflects off the galvanised steel and moves with you as you walk past.

Side view of magnet art titled 'Weather'.

Easy enough to create a completely different, more industrial look by using less magnets and exposing more of the steel.
Up to you~play away.

PS. The above design has since been sold but there are sufficient off cuts left to create another version
using various shades of green as a nice place to rest your eyes when stuck indoors.
If interested, email

Happy to work on smaller artworks too. Here's a little fun one made for Adshel:

Finally!  Art you can play with and change aroud.  It's green too. Example of playing with magnets made from Adshel poster off cuts
This test sample was created for Adshel from various off cuts.
They were soon re-arranged to amuse and that is how the concept was given the nod. Sweet!

Below are some other examples of smaller artworks made using dated brochure stock:

Little magnetic giftsets made from expired campaign brochures made to help the Green Party fundraise.
These little gift sets were made up and donated to help raise funds at the Green Party's annual conference.

Magnetic giftsets made from salvaged magnets and dated Real Estate catalogues as gifts for the vendor and buyers.

This little gift set was made up as a memento of the sales campaign for 188 Aro Rd, in Wellington. Marketed
as the cutest cottage by Tommy's, one box held chocolates and the other, the magnets of the image
featured in their fortnightly catalogue as a keepsake memento for the seller.

Magnetic gift sets made from dated bicycle catalogues...................Example of an individual giftset made to celebrate bikes and all their goodness.
Lycra goodness giftsets were made from dated catalogues for various bike events.

More examples............More examples
And a few more for fanciers of red bikes and brown bikes.

More examples ...........More bmx examples
And orange bikes and...

Magnetic giftsets made for Te Papa from dated brochure stock and their Adhshel posters.
Getting back on track after all that lycra, here's an example of little magnet giftsets made for Te Papa
from their dated brochure stock and Adhsel posters.

Butterfly magnets made from computer keyboard matrix and usb cables
These butterfly magnets are made out of computer keyboard matrix and USB cable wire.

Recycled butterfly giftset.
Available as a set of 3 different sizes.
At night with a torch, you can amuse yourself and the kids by making the wing shadows move up and down to simulate flying.
If you'd like to see a little video of this in action, email

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