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GWRC Councillor, Paul Bruce kindly commissioned his coreflute election signs to be re-used within his community:

Original artwork for Paul Bruce's coreflute election signs that were recycled.
This was the artwork on the coreflute election signs.

It wasn't the easiest artwork to create giftware out of so we put our thinking caps on and took inspiration from Brooklyn's
world famous bus stop that is often decorated by the community with practial, thoughtful and amusing items. Here's the result:

Recycled coreflute notebooks commissioned by Paul Bruce.
These A5 coreflute notebooks were created as thank you gifts.

Inside the recycled coreflute notebooks.
Inside are 100 leaves of recycled paper and nifty storage pockets folded and bound to hold business cards and larger items. With Paul being a keen cyclist and resident of Brooklyn, the pockets were made from Brooklyn bus and cycling maps produced by GWRC.

Close of inside the notebooks.
The pocket has several folds to create 3 different sized pockets to display and store various sized items.

Inside the recycled coreflute notebooks made for Paul Bruce.
Here's a peek at the Brooklyn bus stop pockets and kudos to Moxie Communications~the attractive GWRC timetable designs
are their handiwork. After ticking the practical gift box, some Brooklyn inspired fun was in order for the remaining
coreflute signs. Hmm what to do?

Recycled coreflute tui waiting to be discovered around Brooklyn.

A little something to amuse the locals seemed like a good idea.

Recycled coreflute tui birds.
These two that were last seen around Ohiro Rd.

Recycled coreflute birdhouses

Aaah how cute....this one has its own little coreflute house.

Recycled coreflute birdhouse made from Paul Bruce's election signs.

Not wanting to attract any rats with permanent feed stations, the birdhouses were designed with copper wire off cuts from
Telstra that can be bent around a small piece of fruit and hung up away from all but the most determined of critters.

Recycled coreflute birdhouse made from Paul Bruce's election signs.
Most of the feeders are in residential gardens but do keep a look out for those shared around the community.

Thank you Paul. It was a fun project and a great time was had on discovering Brooklyn's flying foxes.
Loving the suburbs bus shelter antics and wind turbine walks too. So yeah, big thumbs up for Brooklyn.
We're sure, what ever and where ever the Tui end up, they're in for an adventure or two up on them hills.

Click here for more info on Paul Bruce.

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