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If the erosion of our democracy and public assets has you feeling a certain shade of blue then consider this...

In secret locations around the shire, many a hobbit is shunning the lure of their
shiny accessories to prepare for a bit of citizen rebellion... and you're invited.

Keep Our Assets flyers turned into little flags
We saved flyers from the 'Keep Our Assets' coalition that have since disbanded. They can't
legally use them anymore but there are no rules on how to recycle paper... well, not yet that is.

A few options were trialled. The bunting was a labour of love and it wasn't exactly Wellington wind proof. Still, it was kindly
purchased as a gift for 'Hero to the People', Helen Kelly.
A wonderful woman with wonderful friends.

Without the need to blow $26 million, a flag design was chosen as the winner.
A Keep Our Assets flag with the help of a brave kiwi riding pillion on Wellington's streets .
New Zealand's assets are for the benefit of all kiwis, not just those with the means to buy shares.

It is one thing to be forced into selling off the family silver for a dire need and
it's quite something else to do so, to enable sweeteners come voting season.

Add to that, the growing privatisation of SOE's makes it difficult for NZ to adopt new technologies that will be
of benefit in the long term as share holders are more inclined towards maximising returns in the short term.
As a result, the status quo is propped up, profit is king and user charges increase.

If you agree and can think of a good pozzie to fly a mini 'protest' flag... then join in.
A ponytail with a message

The flags are $1 each and we'll be sharing the profits evenly between Generation Zero, who are youth keen on creating a
thriving zero carbon future, and with Grey Power, who are wise elders lobbying against further privatization of
water, public state assets and SOEs.

Choose between two stick sizes - 5cm or 10cm.
The shorter ones are ideal for jacket lapels and the longer ones are better suited for inserting amongst the pot plants
that line the corridors of 'power'. Let them act as peaceful little pitch forks to warn of larger ones to come if
inequality is not addressed.

Order here >>>

Our ancestors went to war and many lost their lives for us to enjoy democracy... and enjoy it, we plan to do.
Send in your photo's and let's have some fun

PS. If you're a fan of John Key's privatisation policies and would prefer the text be doctored to read
'Keep Our Ass' - well that could work too.

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