Recycling with benefits
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A portfolio of our work, all made possible with thanks to the following organisations:

Montessori Voices - a NZ Montessori School publication recycled into notebooks
Coca-Cola campaign poster to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of its contoured bottle
A recycled poster notebook kindly commissioned by Meridian Energy
Once a year, wonder-full Montessori School teachers get together. They entrusted us to create some conference bling with a difference & the Dalai Lama kindly helped out... more >>>
Love it alright - what a brilliant poster design. It's the handiwork of NZ's Ikon Communications to celebrate the 100th year of Coca-Cola's contoured bottle. See how they were re-used...more >>>
Meridian Energy likely pays a fair amount for Jeremy Wells to amuse us and amuse us he does. To earn his keep, he has been put to work 24/7, quite literally as a muse... more >>>
Recycled billboard bags made from Moxie's Going Digital campaign
Real Estate catalogues recycled into memento giftsets
Te Radar look-a-likes at the 2012 Kapiti Council Sustainable Home and Garden Event
The lovely folk of Hawkes Bay and West coast were the first to make the switch to digital TV. The billboards were rounded up to make the switch too~into laptop bags... more >>>
Buying property is a huge decision. Re-using the catalogues and coreflute 'For Sale' signs will hopefully be a no brainer of a call for Tommy's agents leading the way... more >>>

How cute. Te Radar with his mini look-a-likes at Kapiti's Sustainable Home & Garden event. We were there too with free workshops for big and little kids... more >>>

Recycled billboard wrist purses made for Clemenger BBDO staff
Adshel posters recycled into magnets to create artwork by
Recycled coreflute notebooks made from Green Party election signs.
Orders from Clemenger BBDO are exciting. They are the smarts behind the lovable 'ghost chip' campaign, Fly Buys peek-a-boo giraffes & ACC's scooter survival message... more >>>

Turning Adshel posters into stationery has proven popular. Now even the off cuts are being used up to once again, attract the eye of many a passerby... more >>>

The Green Party's 2011 election sign notebooks sold a treat so sheds and garages were searched for more. The result is this fine vintage of souvenirs dating back to 1996... more >>>

EECA enery saving campaigns by the creative team at Ogilvy are recycled.
Putting the fun into fundraising by turning University of Canterbury posters into wallets and cardholders with the profits going towards earthquake repairs.
Greater Wellington Regional Councillor Paul Bruce has his coreflute election signs put to good use in his community.
Fancy the extra milk or the $90 power saving? EECA's outdoor campaigns did a great job of bringing the Energy Star ratings to life. They then cleverly had us milk the materials... more >>>
Helping to put the fun into fundraising, University of Canterbury posters were turned into wallets with 100% of the profits going towards earthquake repairs... more >>>
Greater Wellington Councillor and Green Party candidate Paul Bruce had his coreflute election signs put to good use in his community. Keep a look out in Brooklyn... more >>>
Below are earlier projects that have since been archived but you're welcome to request further information.
VUW ad campaign recycled by
Different and proud to be. Smart too. Victoria University of Wellington found a way to get the best out of their recruitment posters by turning them into Open Day gifts... info >>>

Kiwibank campaign posters recycled into corporate folders made by
A beautiful shade of green in more ways than one. Kiwibank rounded up their posters from around the country and turned every single one into folders for in-house use... info >>>

Fly Buys 'Dream a little' campaign posters recycled by
From bus stops to the well appointed boardrooms of the New Zealand Stock Exchange building. These posters all made their way back to Loyalty NZ Ltd, the home of Fly Buys ... info >>>

Coreflute from WOW recycled into notebooks by
Stunning works of art that looked great on both the stage and coreflute signs. A year later, the signs returned as stunning merchandise... info >>>

Smoking not our future stage banner recycled into tote bags by
HRC & GSL Network created the successful campaign that is, Smoking Not Our Future. Then they recycled it; stage banner and all... info >>>

Resene commissioned hundreds of their Adshel posters to be recycled into notebooks by
Loving the quality NZ made paint, the beautiful colours and wow, what a business ethos! We recycled their posters in awe ... info >>>

Environment display signs are recycled into business card boxes by
Environment Canterbury signed off to recycle their display stands on Feb 22, 2010. By lunchtime, air pollution issues and recycling had to take a back seat to a major earthquake... info >>>

New Zealand Post recycled several campaigns with
The 10k prize to answer this question was impressive enough but New Zealand Post delivered even more. See how they re-used this campaign and many others... info >>>

Tranz Scenic posters recycled by a supplier as a unique Christmas gift made by, the IT provider behind Tranz Scenic had their client's Adshel posters recycled into gifts and stationery as a clever and thoughtful Christmas gift that set them apart... info >>>

Recycled A4 folders made from various Adshel poster campaigns by
Adshel have kindly commissioned many a campaign to be recycled into stationery. The dressed up sheep on their folder order had their Aussie clients wondering... info >>>
Recycled folders made using Greater Wellington Regional Council campaign posters by
Full credit to Moxie Communications for the A+ artwork on Greater Wellington Regional Council's Adshel posters. Great designs that made for great looking folders... info >>>
World Smokefree Day posters made into A6 notebooks and business card boxes by
This World Smokefree Day campaign was a stunner design by GSL Network and by recycling the posters, the Health Protection Agency message of giving quitting a go lives on... info >>>
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