- recycling with benefits
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Sweet gifts that sing:   Conference bling:   Ka ching! Brainy without reading a thing:
Recycled coreflute tui birds with stilt legs for amusement in the garden.
ZM-FM Adshel campaign with a competiton to live rent free for a year.
The geography of Genious by Eric Weiner
As for what they are singing about...?
A love of recycled materials that create local jobs. There is no mass produced sameness going on here and everything on offer is 100% NZ made... more >>>
Spent a small fortune on a campaign? Let's chat about how your materials can be re-used. Loads of fun re-use options for posters, banners, brochures and even naff silicon bracelets... more >>>
Well not quite~ yet close enough. We're offering to 'recycle' books and boring corporate documents into 'need to know' highlights for the time poor and ESL speakers... more >>>