- recycling with benefits
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Recycling projects of late:
Sam Sharpe Studio print titled 'Women of Power'
Powershop's Electricity vs Power billboard campaign.
Honey for sale sign
This Sam Sharpe print titled 'Women of Power' is a stunner. As is the work of Brenda Pilott, who lobbied to keep social service providers from doing a deal to trade info for cash... more >>>
The pink power revolution of 2017, said to the status quo "Dude, that's not good enough". Pink power is a new way of being that Powershop mastered the art of years ago... more >>>
By honey, we mean a sweet little business. This business. There's fairy dust to be sprinkled in new places so it's all up for sale. The stock, the tools and two URL's... more >>>

Recycling project faves... and flops:

Sir Paul Callaghan remembered
Clemenger's 'Wellington in a Pint' promotion featuring local craft brewers
Recycled inner tube wallet made by
Sir Callaghan's thoughts on doing work that you love are a beauty. Heeding his advice though is more akin to dating a beauty. Having a pretty penny helps and the risk of rejection is high... more >>>   Clemenger's 'Wellington in a Pint' team hit a home run with the name, Celia Wade-Brown Ale. It was a match made in marketing heaven that pedalled on Planet Goodness... more >>>   Our recycled wallets and new purse range are made from truck, car, bike and bicycle tubes. Fancy that ~ road users coming together to play nice. The lycra outfits are optional... more >>>

Recycling for rebels:
Keep Our Assets flyers recycled into little flags to keep the movement alive
New York travel posters featuring Donald Trump are put to good use as fundraisers for Womens Refuge.
Woven poster dog peeing on brands that cause harm and suffering to animals
Coinciding with a nationwide lack of interest in anymore flag talk, we have these minatures on offer. Good O! Bear with though as you're in for a hair raising surprise... more >>>
Oh dear, oh Donald. We've upcycled your 'little women' views into girl power fundraisers for Women's Refuge. Please don't sue us - we believe you about crooked Hillary but... more >>>
  Some brands attempt to use pretty pictures of nature to disguise their shameful practices. A look behind the logo reveals the cruelty of those in love with money and milk... more >>>