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On hearing that charities and service providers were being asked by the Natonal Party to hand over private
details in exhange for funding, knowledge of Orwell wasn't necessary to know that this crossed a line.

Link to the RNZ interview with Brenda Pilott on the topic of the National Government demanding confidential information on clients seeking help in exchange for funding.
Brenda Pilott, the National Manager at Social Services Providers Aotearoa
was quick to explain on RNZ why this was not a good idea.

Of the 200 community providers that are members of SSPA, a brave six organisations said no.
The ratio of brave to compliant wasn't going to get this policy overturned.

Jacinda Ardern campaigning for the Labour Party in Auckland for the 2017 election
Enter Cindy and friends to the rescue.

Prior to the election, the SSPA held their annual conference at Te Papa to hold workshops
to discuss this and many other important issues around the theme of collaborating.

See #SSPAconference2017 or download the talks & slideshows via

Surplus and dated brochure stock that was turned into mini flags and magnets.   The banners from previous SSPA events that were recycled and turned into gifts for the speakers.
To help out, we rounded up all their outdated brochure stock and old banners from previous events and turned them into...

Recycled mini flags and promotional magnets made from old brochure stock to save on printing anew.   Recycled tote bags and purses made from old canvas display banners
...ta da! A range of recycled magnets, mini flags, tote bags and purses.

Recycled notebooks made from outdated pull up plasticized paper banners.   Inside view of the recycled banner notebooks.
Recycled poster notebooks were also made up for good old fashioned, spy-free note taking.

Best of all, in early November with a new government voted in, SSPA welcomed the announcement that the previous
government’s requirement for community organisations to forward personal data about their clients would be scrapped.

SSPA national manager Brenda Pilott said it was very good news.

“Community organisations that work with children and families had expressed grave concerns at the likely impact.
It was an ill-judged idea that compromised safety and privacy, and moreover would not provide government
with useful information on the effectiveness of services.”

Brenda Pilott said she also welcomed Minister Sepuloni’s decision to assess whether the anonymised aggregate
information that organisations already provide to MSD and Oranga Tamariki could be put to better use.

A quote by Rebecca Solnit, author of 'The Mother of all Questions'.

Thank you very much to all involved in returning some dignity and privacy
to those in need of help, that can't afford to pay for it via the private sector.

It's really appreciated, yet in addition, we should also have the right to access secular services.
Those wanting to attend church shouldn't be obliged to work for low or no wages. It undermines the value of what is often
seen as women's work and in a multi-cultural society, deciding which religious groups to fund or not fund is asking for trouble.

Moreover, those in need of state funded services shouldn't have to process any religious sentiments or overtones at time
when they are vulnerable, especially if they are of a differing religion or atheist, as it creates a barrier to seeking help.
States and religions are ideally kept separate for good reasons.

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